The What:
A Sprint Distance Triathlon consists of three events, one after the other.
Swim: 750m (.47 miles)
Bike: 20km (12.4 miles)
Run: 5km (3.1 miles)

The event will start at 7:30 AM

The Swim will start with a dry start on the beach at Lake Elmo with one loop around the bouys.

Transition One:
After exiting the water, participants will run up the beach into the transition area. You will put on your cycling gear, gather your bike and exit the transition area. You must not mount your bike until after you have exited the transition zone.

Ride from the Lake Elmo Parking Lot, to Wick’s Ave. Follow Wick’s to Alkali Creek Rd. Turn Right on Alkali Creek, and follow the road until the turn around. Ride all the way back up Alkali Creek to the Black Otter bike path. The ride ends when you top out on the Rims. The Bike Map can be found HERE!

Transition Two:
DISMOUNT from your bike before entering the second transition zone. You must walk/run over the timing mats. You will enter the transition zone and rack your bike. After racking your bike, you will exit over the same timing mats, but will turn left onto the bike path.

You will head out on the bike path and will run the whole way on bike path. There will be a turn around and you will head back to the finish! The Run Map can be found HERE!

Cost to Play:
Early Registration: April 1 – July 31 $60
Late Registration: August 1 – August 23 $75
Packet Pickup Registration: August 24 $85